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Sep 28, 2020 09:29

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As session musician, or any other activiy we do as a job, we need, today, a way to offer our services, and you can have your own website, but there are a good amount of platforms where you can show your work and sell your services. And I'd love to share those platforms links with you.

Of course, you can take or drop these tips, and if you already have figured out how you show and sell your services as an artist then it is excellent, and you can be a great help for those you know who may be needing help in times of work. the artist may be affected. And if this post seems appropriate to you, you can share it with them.

The following list is ordered from what I think is a priority and according to how it worked for me during these years. But it may be different for you, according to the activity that you develop. Platforms to show your work, connect with your potential clients, and others directly to sell.

1 - Your own website

It is important that you have a place on the internet where you can freely publish your work, and a website is a way to publish content without the limitations that platforms in general may be putting today. It is always key to show what you do as an artist, and on your website you can collect everything you have online, both in music stores, your content on YouTube, links to the platforms where you sell your services, links to your social networks, and forms of contact. Therefore, this point I leave in the first place.

2 - YouTube

You probably already have your channel, but if not, this is a good way to show what you can do. I always advise that you separate the types of content on YouTube, and avoid mixing personal content with work content, or avoid mixing different content concepts on your channel. You can have a channel for your personal videos, and another channel to post work. You try to post a channel just to show your artistic activity. With a good image and sound quality. You will see that whenever it is necessary to apply for jobs, these contents will help you to put together personalized catalogs.

Ideally organize your content in Playlists within YouTube, for example if you produce different styles, you can create a playlist for each style, or if you have published for different clients, it is a good way to keep your material easy to share.

Personally, my channel I Put The Band has been very useful to connect with artists, and at the same time, each content that I publish there has served me to show potential clients.

As in every job, they always ask you for experience, and they will always ask you "have you ever done this or that style"?, Which obviously is almost impossible because you would have to live more than one life to have a complete portfolio that contains absolutely all musical styles, at an expert level. But nothing is ever lost (only time), in offering your services.

3 - Fiverr

If you are ready to sell your services, this platform is ideal for remote work. It has all the necessary characteristics to protect your work, communication with clients, secure payments, and it is one of the best known worldwide.

You can create each service (Gig) separately, and at the same time, each Gig can have different price levels, depending on what features you offer.

This platform has a rating system by customers, and by the system itself that analyzes your behavior over time. This positions you within Fiverr in seller levels, which can help you to be referenced by the platform itself for searches for services similar to yours.

You can create your Fiverr account at This Link to Fiverr.

4 - AirGigs

A less known platform than Fiverr, but with a lot of potential. Although it does not have such good technical characteristics, it does allow you to connect with clients from all over the world.

Create your account at This link to AirGigs.

5 - Twine

Unlike Fiverr and AirGigs, Twine allows you to put together a visual portfolio. They require you to upload your content. I would like that for the videos and audios one could share the Links in that portfolio, but they ask you to upload the files to their platform.

This platform exists a long time and has a very good collection/payment system as well. Like Fiverr and AirGigs, they charge and final files are delivered only when the customer has paid for the service.

Unfortunately, you cannot build Gigs (Services) separately, but when you post a sale you can select works from your portfolio to share with the potential client, in addition to including your links.

Here Twine.fm.

6 - BeatStars

If you are a composer, you can choose to produce tracks to sell on this platform where you can work in the style you want. Mostly it's Hip Hop, R&B, Urban and more.

You can publish your compositions in multi-track versions, or stereo, and the price is up to you.

Create an account from this link.

7 - Loop Community

This platform provides churches with multitracks, either within their application or for downloading the files. If you are good at recreating tracks, you can publish the multi-tracks, and they will take care of obtaining the licenses and selling your tracks. The sales fee for them is 80%, I know it is quite a lot, but it's possible for you to recover the cost of your tracks, and more. It's just a matter of time.

To improve sales on these platforms, I recommend you to make videos of these remakes and publish them on platforms such as YouTube, where you can leave the link to these stores to sell your multi-tracks.

For this platform, you need to apply to be a producer, but it's possible. Go to Loop Community.

There is more

There are still many other platforms, but the ones I shared with you are the ones that have given me the most results.

The other platforms on which I have accounts are Upwork, Freelancer, Remote, among others. You can try them, and maybe in your case you will get better results than me.


a) Although there are jobs in Spanish, I recommend that you speak and post your profiles in English (especially for singers who must record voices in that language many times).

b) Start as early as possible, because it takes time to position yourself and receive the first job applications. There is a lot of competition, you know, especially on these platforms that give you worldwide reach, but we also know what we are good for, and you can focus on that activity.

c) All these platforms take a fee from what you charge, but it is fair, since they must maintain their servers, programmers, marketing, etc.

d) Each platform has different delay times in the post-delivery payments of your works. But when you start doing a job, these platforms have already charged the client, so your money is ready and waiting for the Client to say "Ok, job received". Some platforms take 3 days (AirGigs) to send the money to your PayPal account, others 14 days (like Fiverr).

e) Never make the mistake of isolating the contact you earn on these platforms to communicate directly with you and avoid the fee that the platform charges for each sale. It is convenient for you to keep clients for each of these means because it helps you so that when you finish a job, they will rank you (give you stars) and write their testimonial.


You must have a PayPal account, which is the means that all these platforms use to pay you. It is not difficult, and it may take a while, but it will be worth it.


Work hard, publish your work, prepare yourself and offer your services. Hope you have a lot of sales. Please let me know if these tips were helpful. Write me here

Blog Author: Cristián R. Villagra

Online Musician. Music composer for animations and games, and music producer for singers. Also programmer and graphic generalist.

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