All Things

Recreating the Instrumental

Jul 20, 2023 16:40

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My process for recreating this instrumental from the song "All Things" by Kirk Franklin.

It Sounds Simple

At first listen, this Kirk Franklin song seemed quite simple because, technically and musically, it is not a complex piece. However, it incorporates some production aspects that required significant effort to achieve the desired sound.

And as always, I started by making the grid in Pro Tools. This means putting the original audio on a track, and adjusting the Tempo track, as well as adjusting the start of the audio clip on the track until it matched the tempo. And in this song it was quick because it has constant tempo.


As in almost all instrumental recreations, I start with the drums. In this case, an electronic drum kit. A sharp and firm bass drum, and in the place of the drum, some claps. In the case of the hi-hats, I used 3 or 4 different ones, as well as using the repeat function for some hi-hat touches. Once the drums were ready, I started recording the harmonic instruments: bass, piano, guitars and synthesizers. It feels much better to play with the drums in the background to work on the interpretation of the dynamics in a more correct and musical way.

The Basses

Yes, this song has 2 basses, one electric and one synthesizer. They don't do exactly the same thing, and that's exactly where you need to be careful. The electric bass provides the body and depth to the sound, while the synthesizer bass adds a more modern and spatial touch. It's important to balance the two basses so that they complement each other, and that they don't step on each other's toes.

For the electric bass I used Prime Bass by Native Instruments. It is a very versatile instrument with a lot of articulations.

To get a good synth bass I used ANA2 by Sonic Academy.

The Guitar

It was not difficult to notice that there was a guitar, but it was more noticeable only in certain sections. For the rest of the theme in where I could not hear what the guitar was doing if it is that it was present, I improvised. I used Electric Mint by Native Instruments for this guitar.


One of my favorite pianos is Noire by Native Instruments. It has a good body and quite a few effects such as hammers, pedals, resonances, etc. Once I learned the chord progressions of the theme and the rhythms, it was a matter of playing and enjoying from start to finish. Kirk Franklin is a genius of Gospel.


On a first listen, my first impression was that there were several synthesizers, but it is only 1, or at least I only hear 1. It is a Synth Brass with short attack. With some Pitch Bending.

Where to get the 'All Things' Multitrack

Some of my recreations are published on Loop Community. This platform sells my multitracks and those of many producers around the world, as well as original multitracks from bands and singers known in the Christian environment. Below I share the link to my multitracks in case you want to get it.

All Things

Kirk Franklin

Key: Bb   85 BPM   4/4
In-App Only
US$ 14.99
In-App and File Download
US$ 19.99
Split Track
US$ 9.99
Click and Cues Only
US$ 4.99
Buy on Loop Community

Here I am playing the instrumental

Blog Author: Cristián R. Villagra

Online Musician. Music composer for animations and games, and music producer for singers. Also programmer and graphic generalist.

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