Joyful Joyful Multi-Track

From Sister Act 2 Movie

Dec 03, 2018 16:19

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A few years ago I made this track in an old Korg, and after a while looking for it I found the file with the sequence, which I then exported to MIDI. I replaced each of the sounds with updated instruments and here it is.

It's never as simple as loading up old MIDI files and applying sounds from a library. There's always some extra work to be done, such as adjusting the ranges of the controls that were recorded, such as the Mod Wheel, Pitch Bend, Expression, etc. This is because each library has its own articulations and control ranges. Additionally, some keys in certain areas of the keyboard can serve as switches between articulations.

Because I initially recorded these tracks on a Korg Trinity, using percussion kits and drums without General MIDI order, the process is a bit prolonged. You have to remember or imagine which percussion instrument was playing with that keyboard note. And as many know, recording tracks on a workstation like the Korg Trinity is limited to a maximum number of tracks/instruments simultaneously, which is 16. Therefore, I could not just record, for example, the Cowbell on a dedicated MIDI channel, and that over time it would have been easy for me to reassign a new instrument/sample. On the Korg Trinity, both the Cowbell, the Agogo Bell, the Triangle, the Shaker, etc., must be recorded on a track with the percussion kit that best suits you, to save channels/tracks.

The Outcome

Here you can listen to a preview of how the new tracks sound with the new instruments applied to my old MIDI recording. It is true that the result would be very different if I had recorded it directly listening to the new instruments, but it definitely sounds much better than originally with the Korg Trinity kits and instruments, although I am still a fan of my old Workstation, which I use from time to time only as a MIDI controller.

Demo Tracks

This is a demo version of the multi-tracks you'll have.

Link for Complete Multi-Tracks of the Updated version

I posted this tracks thru Loop Community, so you can get it there.

Joyful, Joyful

Lauryn Hill

Key: Db   110 BPM   4/4
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