Giants - Instrumental Remake

How I made Giants Instrumental Recreation (A song by True Damage For League Of Legends)

Feb 18, 2020 17:12

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As soon as True Damage came with this promotional song for League Of Legends I received a message from ShiroNeko asking to do the Remake. So here I'm deconstructing the instrumental I made for her.

The Song

Giants is the promotional single of the game League Of Legends, of the band True Damage (formed by rapper Akali), and composed by Riot Music Team, Harloe, DUCKWRTH and Thutmose, with a great performance by SOYEON, Thutmose stands out, DUCKWRTH, Keke Palmer and Becky G


As for musicality, the song is quite simple and it didn't take me too long to listen and transcribe. But as for sound design and production, it did keep me busy. This type of productions cannot be recreated only with some synthesizers that sound something similar, so I had to model the sounds. You can usually start from scratch with a sound or something similar by modeling it until you reach the sound you are looking for, but for this one I had to start from scratch with each synthesizer.

Producing the Drums

At a first sight, the drums are simple, but listening closely you can notice pitch changes in the snare and hi-hats. I took my time to recreate almost the same pitch per note, so, here it is the Midi Events where you can see how this elements are pitched.

For this Electric Drums I used samples from libraries by Native Instruments, and triggered the Sample sounds thru Komplete Kontrol interface.

Midi events of the Electronic Drums for the Giants song Remake.

Midi events of the Electronic Drums for the Giants song Remake.

I'm loving Slate Digital plugins to process my tracks. So, in the video you'll notice those plugins everywhere. For this track I mixed 2 kick sounds, and worked with 5 snares and 1 hi-hat. Those 5 snares are not mixed, but sepparated in tracks to get different sounds and processing.

Both Kick have different EQs of course. I'm EQing with the Pro Tools Equalizer. Then, I process the kicks in 1 stereo auxiliar channel with the FG-Grey (Compressor) and VMR with a set of one Revival (to get that bottom end) and the FG-S Equilizer.

Snare 1 is equilized with the Fabfilter Pro-Q and with the Left-Right technique to get that stereo effect. Then, I equilized the Snares 5 and 5B (5B is a variation of snare 5). And I processed the Snares thru another BUS with FG-Grey, then a Reverb from Verbsuite Classics, and then the VMR (The FG-N EQ, FG-401 Compressor and Revival at the end)

The Drum BUS

I love BUSing tracks for group processing, and for this Elec Drums I used the Virtual Tape Machine (by Slate Digital), and then the VMR with a set of FG-N equilizer, FG-401 Compressor and a little touch of the Revival at the end.

This is how I processed this Elec Drums for the Giants song remake.

This is how I processed this Elec Drums for the Giants song remake.

The Mix

Here is a the complete instrumental to show you the tracks and processors I used. I group the tracks by type, and then send thru every BUS where I do a final process.

This is my Mixing session for the Instrumental Remake of Giants.

This is my Mixing session for the Instrumental Remake of Giants.

Multi-Track Demo

Here's a section of the song in a Multi-Track version, or Multi-Stems, because every track contain more than 1 track mixed in it. I hope you like it.

Thanks for stop and read. Walk thru my channels and my social networks. I have a lot of music to share!

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Online Musician. Music composer for animations and games, and music producer for singers. Also programmer and graphic generalist.

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