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I learned from seeing my parents, that the love of a family is the most real thing one can get or want in life. In that environment growing up may seem easier, but there are always many added factors that hinder or facilitate the way of life.

I can say that being born in 1973 was just what I needed, a time when it was a little harder to have access to knowledge than now, which helped me to value self-learning as a basis in my way of living.

I grew up like a lot of children, among legos, bicycles, dirt, grass, but always trying to avoid contact with many people, and enjoying more my times alone in my room than with others running after a ball. I tried to fit in, but I couldn't.

My Atari 800XL


And then came to me the small 6502 processor inside an Atari 800XL, with a small portion of RAM that allowed me to travel to thousands of worlds, and wake up the programmer that I had inside.

Of course I played hours in dozens of games, very simple, but entertaining. However, my nature took me to the code, and to read a lot about how to create my own programs. At that time I had to learn from manuals, books and magazines, but the most POP was the great Mundo Atari, which allowed me to learn simple codes by practicing and making mistakes for hours during the day and night.

In this little machine I learned the Basic, Pascal and Assembler languages, and to understand the memory structure to use as images or graphics support that I painted, and that I could sequence to make my first animations of 9 frames. As well as the memory locations you had to move to produce sound, with the POKE command. Beautiful!

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